What is a community?

Longshanks communities are collections of one or more players that can represent local game stores, gaming clubs, or any other combination of players or event organizers with similar interests.


Show your colors

Display your community affiliation when registering for an event. Event hosts may choose to avoid pairing players from the same community affiliation.

Community managers who are Longshanks subscribers may upload custom banner images and flair badges for their communities. Subscribed community members may choose to display the flair for any of their communities next to their display name.

Collective event hosting

Communities may host events as a group rather than as a single person. This displays the community name as the event host and allows all members of the community to manage the event as if they were the event organizer.

Exclusive events

Events may be hosted exclusively for members of a community. These events appear on the public event lists, but only community members may register for them.

Community ranking & statistics

Encourage friendly competition with player ranking and statistics pages that include only community members.


Game store or convention staff

Adding all of the staff at a game store or convention to a community allows each staff member to have their own account but still share control of events. This also displays the store or convention as the event host rather than a single staff member.

Local gaming club

You can use special ranking and statistics pages for just the members of your local gaming club by adding them to a community. You can also host exclusive events just for members of your community if you like to play games with only your trusted friends.

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