Flexible formats

Customize your events with multiple formats, pairing systems, and tie breakers to choose from.

Automatic calculation

Put away your calculators and spreadsheets! Player ranking, tie breakers, and event statistics are calculated automatically.

Find events

Easily find and participate in local events and see what other events are happening around the world.


Streamline data collection and get rid of paper round slips by allowing players to submit their own game results.

Many supported games

Numerous game systems are already supported. If your favorite game isn't here, you can request it.

Detailed statistics

Research the metagame with game and faction statistics, a leaderboard, and worldwide player rankings.


The core features of Longshanks are free to use for players, spectators, and event hosts and always will be.


Please consider subscribing to support continued development. Subscribers gain access to display name customization, more detailed statistical tools, and other advanced features.

What is Longshanks?

Longshanks allows organizers to easily publicize events and manage player pairings. It allows players to easily find and participate in local events, see what other events are happening around the world, and follow the global metagame.

Longshanks is owned and operated by Windy City Game Lab, LLC. Names, images, logos, and other game-specific trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Why the name?

In the lore of Guild Ball, tournaments and games between the various guilds are organized by a powerful and secretive society known as "the Longshanks." Because this site was originally developed specifically for Guild Ball, the name was a perfect fit.

Since expanding to support other game systems, Longshanks has outgrown that reference. We continue using the name as a respectful nod to the game that got us started and all the players and event hosts who have supported us since the beginning.

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